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Colours and squares English

I am making a new blanket and I think it could be fun, if you want to follow me.
Part 1.

1. plenty of unused yarn

2. what kind of yarn and what size crochet hook

3. The first part of the pattern

I make 29 squares, on a hook 2,5 mm, but you can make as long or short as you like. 

First part of the pattern: 
Chain of 17. 
1. 1 DC in 4. chain from the hook, one DC in every chain so you have 15 DC, turn with chain 3
2. one DC in every DC and turn with chain 3
Repeat when you have 7 rows change color. 7 row is 1 square

Continue until you have 29 squares this is the first piece

Now I have don the 1. part I will sew in the ends before I begins part 2.

If you have made the first part here comes the next part. 

part 2.

Part 2. Pattern:
As you see in the diagram there are 14 DC in every square.
Chain 3 in the first chain after the fiste DC, 1DC around the chain 3, 1 DC in the next mask, 1 DC around the DC, continue at the end turn with chain 3. 
Make 2 more rows, 3 rows total.

The nex piece you start in the opposite direction. That means you always have the same side up on the colour parts. 

Colors and squares part 3. 

Now we are going to crochet the two pieces together. It is a little difecult to explain but I will true. 

I lay my work on a table and make sure that I have the right side up at the pieces are turn the right way. 

Put your hook in to the first maske from the font side in bothe side

Pull the yarn trough. 

The next part.
Put the hook trough the of the maske that are on the out side from the front side and make sure 
you have the yarn underneath it all the howl time. 

Then pull the yarn trough the 3 maske. 
Continue like this all the way trough. 
Hopes it gives meaning elsewhere there is a video on Instagram 

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  1. Dear Lise,
    Hello from my little corner in Belgium :D
    I recently discovered your beautiful blanket on Pinterest and Instagram, and of course I immediately fell in love with it.
    Now I'm SO HAPPY finding the beginning how-to on your blog, but I would like to know if you're planning to keep posting about this pattern in a near future ? (crossing my fingers you do) I'm soooo willing to make this blanket for my grand-daughter...
    THANKS a bunch for your kind help, dear :D

    In stitches,

  2. Hallo Nadin! Thank you for liking my blanket. I have made some links to part 2 and 3 first I the pattern, hope it will help.