onsdag den 8. februar 2017

Crochet-a-long colours and squares

I am making a new blanket and I think it could be fun, if you want to follow me.
This is part 1, here is link for Part 2 Part 3

1. plenty of unused yarn

2. what kind of yarn and what size crochet hook

3. The first part of the pattern

I make 29 squares, on a hook 2,5 mm, but you can make as long or short as you like. 

First part of the pattern:
1. Chain 17 one DC in 4. chain from the hook, one DC in every chain so you have 15 DC, turn with chain 3
2. one DC in every DC and turn with chain 3
Repeat when you have 7 rows change color.

Continue until you have 29 squares this is the first piece

To be continued tomorrow

2 kommentarer:

  1. Dear Lise,
    Hello from my little corner in Belgium :D
    I recently discovered your beautiful blanket on Pinterest and Instagram, and of course I immediately fell in love with it.
    Now I'm SO HAPPY finding the beginning how-to on your blog, but I would like to know if you're planning to keep posting about this pattern in a near future ? (crossing my fingers you do) I'm soooo willing to make this blanket for my grand-daughter...
    THANKS a bunch for your kind help, dear :D

    In stitches,

  2. Hallo Nadin! Thank you for liking my blanket. I have made some links to part 2 and 3 first I the pattern, hope it will help.